Monday, July 30, 2012

New Blog!

I love essential oils!  After years of using herbs and other homeopathics, in April of 2009, I started using Young Living Essential Oils.  Because of a wonderful friend, Tammy, and a fantastic mentor, Karen Thompson, I was able to learn quickly how essential oils work.  I bought the Zyto Compass in Dec 2009, and have been doing Bio-Surveys on friends, family and clients since then.  I love the combination of the Compass software and the oils!

I have so many stories, almost on a daily basis, that I have decided to start a blog, where I can share some of these experiences.  I will share them anonymously, for the most part, and only with permission from the client.  I will also share things I'm learning about food, health, issues involving natural health, etc.

My goal is to help return the power of healthcare back to the family.

I hope you visit often and comment a lot!

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