Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diffusers and the Respiratory System

At this time of year, when the respiratory system needs support, I especially love my diffuser.

Young Living's Home Diffuser has an ultrasonic plate in it that vibrates, breaking up the oil compounds a million times smaller than they already are.  Because the oil compounds are so small, they are easily carried by the air currents throughout the room, and then all through the house.  This diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere.

I personally feel like I could just take up my bottle of RC and kiss it!  Ha ha!  I know that sounds just nerdy, but it's true!  I love the smell of RC.  There is a medicinal component to it, but as my friend said today, whom I introduced RC to for the first time, "Oh yeah, that smells good, like it would really help." The oils in RC are eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citrodora, myrtle, spruce, peppermint, pine, lavender, marjoram, and cypress.

Raven is also a wonderful blend to support the  respiratory system.  It contains ravintsara, wintergreen, eucalyptus radiata, lemon and peppermint.  Raven and RC are best used alternately.   For example, use RC on one application and on the next, use Raven, and back and forth. 

Both RC and Raven are found in Young Living's Golden Touch 1 Kit, which is the Kit that I recommend that all users buy after the Everyday Nine Kit.

I highly recommend this diffuser for everyone!  Diffusers allow these essential oil compounds, to be carried to all the surfaces of your home.  Some might wonder if this will create a coat of "greasy oil" all over the home, and the answer to that is that essential oils are not "greasy" like vegetables oils are, so that does not happen.  Instead, your home is covered with microscopic compounds that support the immune system.

I also love diffusers for when we have big gatherings.  I diffuse Thieves throughout the event, because I know this supports healthy immune systems.

I have also found that with some people, diffusing works better than putting it on the skin.  The theory behind that is that the molecules are so small, and the surface area applied is so much greater, that the body absorbs the diffused oil better.  My husband is one of these people!  I have found over and over with him that we get better results with diffused oils than ones on the skin.

In short, I hope a diffuser is in your plans!

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. I want to order the home diffuser! I thought I could get it with my essential rewards points, but I guess not, so I will just have to buy it.

  2. Yes, Kristi, unfortunately you can only use Essential Rewards points on products that have full PV value, and the diffuser doesn't. Do you still have your coupon from your Start-up Kit? You might still be able to send that in and use it. It does have to be mailed in. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I really like the smell of Thieves.

  4. Yes, it's the heat that you want to avoid. It breaks down the oil compounds and makes them less effective.

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