Saturday, September 29, 2012

Supporting a Healthy Respiratory System

We've had a doozy of a time these past few weeks getting my son over a cough that he's had.  Much to my chagrin, just when I was posting about the wonders of diffusers, using the diffuser with my son was all of a sudden not working!  In addition to the diffuser, I started giving him Inner Defense in the morning and Life 5 at night, along with 1-2 ounces of NingXia red a day, and still running the diffuser at night.

But his cough persisted.

However, yesterday morning when I ran him on the Compass again, I finally felt like I was getting somewhere.  His report said he needed ImmuPro, Thyromin, Thieves Oil Blend, Super C Tablets, and Thieves Soft Lozenges.

OK - now I could see a more consistent picture, and why he wasn't gettintg better.

So first of all, the ImmuPro indicated that he needed help building up his immune system.  ImmuPro is a chewable that tastes good, and has polysaccharides in it that build up the immune system, as well as melatonin to aid in sleep.

And then - of course - Thyromin!  This is a supplement that Young Living has that supports the thyroid gland.  When the thyroid is out of balance, a lot of other things start happening in the body that are often misdiagnosed, which causes the wrong symptoms to be treated.  The thyroid runs the immune system, and if the thyroid has broken down, this causes a breakdown in the immune system.

I have seen this A LOT, as I've run people on the Compass that don't seem to be getting better, that their thyroid needs support. 

I found two more interesting things when I did a Foot Zone on him yesterday afternoon.  When I got to the kidney point on his right foot, it was very tender.  Hmmm.  While this point is normally tender on most people, his was noticeably so.  That reminded me that Juniper had come up on his Compass twice, about ten days ago.  Juniper is nourishing to the kidneys.  So I worked the Foot Zone points for the kidney really well on both feet, and then added Juniper right onto those points.

Interestingly enough, on the same Compass Report that the Juniper had shown up, Spearmint was there as well.  Spearmint has been known to be very supportive of the thyroid.  So there they were again - the kidney and the thyroid.  I had put those oils on my son right at the time, but I guess I was not consistent enough.  They didn't seem at all related to the lung problem, which is why I had run him on the Compass in the first place, so I was casual in the application.  Now I know differently!

As a side note, I also noticed that one of the heart points was tender on his feet also.  This made sense to me, because the thyroid controls the heart, so if the thyroid is low, the heart will be struggling also.  Much to my surprise, last night when I was reading Health news on Yahoo!, I found this related information:

A study of elderly patients in Rotterdam in the Netherlands found that having weak kidneys, even without full-blown kidney disease, can put you at a significantly higher risk for heart attack.
Another study of 10,000 men found that those with chronic kidney disease had a two-fold greater risk of heart attack than those who didn’t.1

This reminded me of the interaction between the Chinese Five Elements.  These are the major organs that correspond with the elements:

Water = Kidney/Urinary Bladder
Wood = Liver/Gallbladder
Fire = Heart/Small Intestine
Earth = Spleen/Stomach
Metal = Lung/Large Intestine

There is a ke sequence, which is a restraining or controlling sequence (as opposed to the sheng sequence, which is nournishing) that involves the Kidney, the Heart and the Lungs

Water controls Fire (the Kidney restrains or controls the Heart), and Fire controls Metal (the Heart restrains or controls the Lungs).  Diseases of excess often migrate from one Organ Network to another along the ke sequence.  That is, a disharmony in the Kidney may afflict the Heart, and then the Heart passes it on to the Lungs.2

I'm not sure if this happened in Peter's case or not, but it is interesting to see these particular organs connected in this way!  The other thing I'm not sure of is how the thyroid plays into these elements, but I do know that the thyroid has a direct effect on the heart.  If anyone knows more or wants to clarify, please comment!

As far as practical results, as I already said, I did the Foot Zone on my son yesterday afternoon, which by itself has a therapeutic effect.  I added in Juniper on his kidneys, Myrtle and Spearmint on his Thyroid, and Thieves on the Thymus (both on the points on the feet and the skin over the actual organs), and applied these oils several more times in the day.  I ran the diffuser last night with Raven in it.

Result:  This morning he was up early, horseback riding with his brother who has returned from college for the weekend, and he played great in his soccer game today.  I haven't heard him cough once today, which is the first time in probably 2 weeks.  When I asked him tonight how he felt, he said he was coughing this afternoon, but that's because he was doing a lot of stuff, meaning a lot of physical activity.  So, this is only the result from one day, but it's enough of a change to make me want to blog about it!  :)

Conclusion:  When someone has a cough that keeps on hanging on, don't discount the need to support the thyroid and the kidneys!  As you do, the heart and the lungs will function better.  Wow - who knew?

2 Beinfield and Korngold, Between Heaven and Earth, A Guide to Chinese Medicine, Ballantine Books, 1991, p 98.

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  1. A-MAZING, Lorena! I really enjoyed learning about the Chinese medicine. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Here's my question- doing the foot zone, running the compass, applying the oils, diffusing- it takes so much time! How much time/day do you spend "treating" your kids- do you do it mainly when they are sick, or everyday?

  2. Oh, Amanda, I would love to tell you that I "treated" them every day, but it wouldn't be true! I know that I would prevent a lot of problems if I did, and just writing about this is motivating me to do better. But reality is that for the most part, I just do it when they're not feeling well.