Monday, February 4, 2013

NingXia Red Juice

One of the things that the Zyto Compass highlighted in my family was the need for better nutrition.  While I focus on nutrition and try to bring good food to our family table, and keep bad things away, when I first started running our family on the Zyto Compass, I found that a lot of Young Living's nutritional products were coming up, especially for my children.

NingXia Red Juice
Upon hearing all the good recommendations about Young Living's NingXia Red Juice, I bought some and we began drinking an ounce of NingXia Red Juice every day.  For more detailed information on NingXia Red Juice, click here, and then click on the NingXia Red icon in the middle of the page.

Zyto Compass Report Changes
At first, I didn't notice any outward signs that anything had changed, although I knew we were staying well.  What I did notice over time, however, is that our Zyto Compass reports changed.  Nutritional needs on the Compass went way down, and if they did show up, they were way down on the priority list and had very few biomarkers attached.  When they did show up, I would ask my child, "Have you been drinking your NingXia?", and inevitably, the answer was a ho-humming around trying to avoid the question, or an outright, "No".

What this meant to me is that, without changing anything in our diet (which was relatively good), the NingXia Red juice was taking care of the nutritional needs of our family.  What a blessing!

The Kids Ask for It!
The other big thing I noticed is that the kids were asking for it.  Whenever I pulled out the NingXia bottle, everybody wanted some.  Unlike the green smoothies I make, which the kids sometimes turn down, NingXia is always a popular offering.

Can't Be Without It
We did have one month this past year where finances were tight, so I didn't buy NingXia Red that month.  I wished I had it many times over during that month!  Of course it was the month that everyone needed more support for their immune system.  Thank goodness we had our oils, but it sure would have been nice to have the NingXia as well.  Conclusion:  Bad idea to be without our NingXia!

By far the cheapest way to get NingXia Red is to buy the Essential Rewards Pack (Item 4893).  You have to be signed up for Essential Rewards to buy this pack.  It includes four 25.35-oz bottles of NingXia Red juice along with thirty 2-oz. individual packets.  These are super convenient, especially for family members on the go.  It comes out to $1.06 per ounce (not including taxes and S&H).  In addition, if you're on Essential Rewards, you get an additional percentage back in rewards points (10-20% depending on how long you have been on Essential Rewards).  Even though it's an expense, I love how NingXia Red keeps my family healthy!  

What has been your experience with NingXia Red Juice?  Or if you haven't tried it, will you order a bottle and give it a try?

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