Monday, August 26, 2013

Valerian and German Chamomile for Sleep and Relaxation

In a recent balance with one of my clients, we discussed some of the issues with which she is challenged on a day to day basis.  One of them was taking on the stress of others, and also just stress overall in her life.

I gave her a Raindrop, which is an application of essential oils to the feet and the back, along with some application techniques on the back, and then afterwards I ran her on the Zyto Compass. 
The top two recommendations for her were  Valerian and German Chamomile essential oils.
 Valerian is "Calming, relaxing, grounding, emotionally balancing."  

German Chamomile is similar.  It is a "relaxant".   The fragrant influence "Dispels anger, stabilizes emotions, and helps release emotions linked to the past.  Soothes and clears the mind."

Valerian  (Valeriana officinalis)
 The great part of the story is this:  when my client saw these two oils on the top of her list, she just started to laugh.  She said, "You won't believe this, but this summer, all over my garden on this rental property, I have seen Valerian and German Chamomile plants popping up all over the place!"


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

First of all, the fact that she even KNEW what those two plants looked like was very unusual, and then for those two plants to be the top two oils that came up on her Compass Report, was just incredible!  We laughed and laughed when we figured it out!  Goose-bumps all over!

It reminded me that we really underestimate plants and their native intelligence.  Is it a stretch to think that somehow, my friend was attracting the Valerian and German Chamomile plants?  I don't know, but there surely is something there to think about! 

 My mentor Karen Thompson has been recommending a book to me called The Secret Life of Plants, and after hearing this story, I really want to know more.

The continuation of the story is that my client reported that Valerian essential oil has made a huge difference in her sleep.  She said that the first time she took Valerian, she felt shaky and weak, but then she remembered that Valerian is best taken right before bed, so she did that.  She found that she slept much more soundly and awoke more refreshed.  Yes!  The German Chamomile is still under review, because she was having a harder time remembering to take it.

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