Friday, October 25, 2013

Zyto Compass Bio-Survey: Scam or Effective Tool?

I belong to a Young Living Essential Oils discussion group on Linked-In, and a question came up awhile back about the Zyto Compass.  One woman posted this comment, "I think it's a complete waste of money and makes people dependent on it. Personally, I have had many Zyto readings done and they have been completely different every time - even when taking them 10 minutes apart. I think it's a nice idea, but in the end is a scam. (And it is very costly.).... Depending on a machine doesn't fit into my understanding of holistic health and well being. Muscle testing and intuition, trusting my own body and energy, are far more effective and empowering than relying on a machine."  

Since I believe there are others with the same feelings about the Zyto, I want to share the reply that I posted on the Linked-In discussion group (slightly edited).

Young Living Independent Distributor
I totally agree with you L______ on the fact that muscle testing and intuition, and trusting in your own body and energy are a step up from the Compass, which is relying on a machine. There is no doubt that being self-reliant is more valuable, and I encourage my clients to learn these skills.

However, I have found it to be a useful and effective tool in the case where time is an issue (it's a lot faster than muscle testing a whole bunch of products), or my own energy is an issue (I'm not in the clear from being stressed or tired), and also, when the person I'm working with is not familiar with muscle testing and the Zyto Compass technology is easier for them to accept and understand.

The reason your readings have been different every time, even ten minutes apart, is because the Zyto is VERY precise, and even the reading of your energy one time changes your energy. This is a basic Quantum Physics principle that the observation and measuring of energy changes it.  Thus, it is best to use the first scan you have.  I wait at least three days before I repeat a scan.

I have found the Compass to be the most valuable when someone takes what comes up on the Compass Report right after they run the report. That means that you need to have many of Young Living's products on hand. I probably have about 75% of Young Living's products on hand, so when I run on the Compass, I usually have most of what comes up. If I don't have it, I take something with similar properties. I use the products that come up, and I feel the support my body is receivng. I've done that for the last four and a half years, dozens and dozens of times, and my family members (a husband and six children) and many clients, have done the same thing with the same results.

I also use it when I do the Raindrop, Foot Zone, Vita-flex, Emotion Code, or other modalities that I use. I run my clients on the Compass before we start the session, to see where they are at, and then I add those oils or supplements in to whatever we're doing that day. In the Raindrop there is a specific point, after the Marjoram in the CARE model, where you can add in other oils. And I have loved using it with the Foot Zone, because I'll come across a tender point on the feet, and an oil that came up for them on the Compass will fit right in with working that specific point. It's awesome!

I have not had as much success with running clients on the Compass, having them order the products, and then having them take them a week or more later, although I have had some. But I still encourage my downline do it, because it does point in the general direction of what oils they should be accumulating through their Essential Rewards order, and then when they ARE needing support, and I run them on the Compass, and they have it on hand, they are so excited! This has worked really well.

So L______, even though I agree with you on the need for being able to muscle test and relying on your own intuition, it has not been my experience that the Zyto Compass is a scam. For me, it has been a very useful tool (and it is just that - a tool), and I would pay the $40 subscription fee on a monthly basis, even if I only used it with my own family! Thankfully, it is a blessing to many of my friends and clients as well." 

That was my reply to the LinkedIn comment.

This picture shows six of the MAIN reasons why I'm so very grateful to have the Zyto Compass!

To get more information on ordering a Compass for your family and/or clients, click on this link..  To see two videos about how the Compass works, see the tab at the top of this blog entitled, "How does the Zyto Compass work?"

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