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Healing the Spiritual Layer

For any issue, we must heal on four layers before we are well.  


This post outlines some great tools that I have found to heal on the Spiritual layer.

The Spiritual layer has to do with our connection with God and with the Earth (or mother earth).  When we are not connected properly to either of these sources of vital energy, the Spiritual layer will be off.

To heal on the Spiritual layer, consider the following:

Give the cells/tissue/organ/situation/condition gratitude. Sharon Plaskett taught me to think of the area of the body that has been hurting and say,
 "Thank you for working so hard. Thank you!  I give you permission to change when you're ready."  
Your body has been protecting you and giving you warning signs. Be grateful for it! When you feel safe, your cells and tissues will release what they have been safeguarding, and they will change.  Likewise, your experiences have been teaching you.  Be grateful for them!  When you have learned the lessons they were designed to teach you, they will change.

Sharon Plaskett also taught me that gratitude can move things that love can't.  Ponder on that for awhile!  

Gratitude changes everything inside of you, which is where the change is really needed, is it not?  Use Gratitude Essential Oil Blend to aid in this process.

Pray and give thanks to Heavenly Father for your body, and for mortality.  Thank Him for this life and the ability to have a body, to learn, and to grow.  Thank Him for being connected to the Earth.  
For some, being connected to the Earth is not what they want.  They would rather be in Heaven.  Our longing for our eternal home is good, but not if we are so homesick that we are not living in the present.  Living in the present in mortality means being grateful for being on Earth and being connected to mother earth.  Present Time Essential Oil Blend is a wonderful oil to maintain that connection.

Consider if repentance is needed.  We need repentance every day, of course, but specifically consider whether there is repentance needed having to do with the ailment/condition/situation you are trying to heal. The best way to figure out what that may be is to pray!  Pray and ask.  Along with reading from Holy Scripture, for additional help, reference Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, or Heal Your Body for more information on the connection between what your ailment is and what the emotional issue(s) behind it may be.  This may give you a clue to the area in which repentance is needed.  

Use Transformation Essential Oil Blend to aid in the repentance process. “True repentance is about transformation, not torture or torment.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Ensign,November 2013, “You Can Do It Now”)

Kirk Duncan often points out that if you are having trouble getting things off your Vision Board (i.e. reaching your goals), then you have to look at the relationships in your life. 
I believe this also applies to healing on the spiritual layer.

One of the really great tools I have found for troubled relationships is Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian tradition for healing relationships. 
There is a great story about Ho'oponopono about a man who used this technique to get rid of all the prisoners in a notorious jail on one of the islands in Hawaii.  He took the folder for each prisoner, studied their name and history, and then every day he would say the following when thinking of that person:
  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you
  • I am grateful for you
Over time, the behavior changed in the prison, and eventually they had to shut down the prison because each inmate successfully got out of prison and finished parole.  It's a great story!  
My own experience with Ho'oponopono has been powerful.  It may not change the other person, but it changes me, and I am able to rid myself of negative feelings towards people by doing this.  I treasure that feeling!

Another tool for healing relationships is to cut the negative cord that goes between you and the other person.  Visualize in your mind the negative cord between you.  Picture a giant pair of scissors, and take the scissors and cut the cord in half.  Take their end of the cord and point it up to heaven, and take your end of the cord and point it up to heaven.  This is where the source of energy should come - from heaven - not from another person.  Keep any positive cords between you filled with light. 

Use Grounding techniques to be fully immersed in your body and connected to the Earth.  See my earlier post for more details.  We need to stay with the Earth!


Foot Zone
Make sure the pituitary and pineal gland points on the big toe are connected when doing a Foot Zone.  Connecting these two glands assures that there is a connection between our spiritual and temporal lives. 

Essential Oils
Use Sacred Frankincense or Three (3) Wise Men Essential Oil Blend on the Crown Chakra, which has to do with our connection to God.  Both of these oils are very high in alpha pinene, which is a compound that helps open up the pineal gland (the seat of revelation) in the brain. They can also be used on the big toe for the pituitary and pineal glands.

This modality uses a canopy to reflect the body's own energy in order to move things.  If you have energy that is not your own, you can, upon closer inspection, see what is your own energy and what is not.  When you're in a parking lot and walking toward a car that you think is yours, when you finally get up to the car, you can look at it and see that it's not yours.  So it is with energy that is not your own.  This modality helps you to recognize it and move it. We cannot heal on the spiritual layer if we have energy with us that is not our own.  (Look up Sharon Plaskett for more information on this modality).

Besides knowing that we heal on four layers, it is important to remember that we heal step by step.  As the scriptures say, we learn line upon line, precept on precept.  
Isn't it a lovely thought that when we have healed, we have learned something; that when we are healed, we have changed?
Sometimes we are ready to learn by leaps and bounds, and sometimes we are only ready for baby steps.  But there is always HOPE!  Hope in the Savior and hope in our ability to choose to be healed.  As long as we are facing the right way, there is always Hope.

And there's an oil for that too!  :)  You know me... couldn't help but throw that in.

If you need more guidance on any of these suggestions/tools for healing on the Spiritual layer, schedule a Balance with me.  As one client said to me this week, "Thank you! I feel 30 lbs. lighter!".  And another client said, "Thank you for all you do.  You are helping me feel hope again.  it's the best gift anyone has ever given me."

Remember to look for upcoming posts for more details on each of these layers!

Photo Credits
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  1. I must really need to start doing some of these things. I keep coming across similar information. I'm reading Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle. You would love the information she shares!