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Healing on the Mental Layer

For any issue, we must heal on four layers before we are well.  


This post outlines some great tools I have found to heal on the Mental Layer.

The Mental layer has to do with our thoughts - our conscious, frontal cortex, logical thoughts.  When our thoughts are negative, we cannot heal on this layer.

To change negative thoughts and heal on the Mental layer, consider the following:

The best tool that I have found to change negative thinking is described on an audio CD by Kirk Duncan entitled Building a Mind of Steel.  He describes using what he calls a "black dot journal" and a "color journal".  Write down every negative thought that comes to you in the black dot journal (you literally have to carry it around with you for a time), and then counteract it on the opposite page with two positive thoughts.  In the color journal, write down positive thoughts that come to you and who is helping you.  

This exercise helps you to discipline your mind and to see what thoughts are helping you and which are not.  It also allows you to objectively and honestly look at what is going on inside your head.  This writing is not for history or posterity - don't show it to anyone, and when you get done with a page in the black dot journal - destroy it.  What is written there are lies.  

Consider the source of the thoughts that are coming to your head.  Kirk Duncan asks people, "Who told you that?" as a way of making you think about the source of the negative comments that fill your self-talk.  Does your self-talk sound like a gentle teacher or mother talking to a darling five year old who is learning to live life, or does it sound like the harsh berating and constant demeaning jabs of a ruthless taskmaster?  How are you treated in your head?

Over time, as you write out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, you will train your brain to only think positively.  And when a negative thought does slip in, you immediately recognize it and deal with it.  It is not allowed to linger and become part of your subconscious!

Be Proactive

Stephen Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People teaches that there is a space between stimulus and response in which we can choose our response.1  In that space, which he calls Freedom to Choose, we have four unique human endowments that we can use to choose our response: Conscience, Self-awareness, Imagination and Independent Will.

I believe that thoughts and some emotions are primary stimulus, and then we have a space to choose our response.  As we exercise our human endowments in that space, the space gets bigger, and we have more control over choosing our response.  We are proactive, instead of reactive.  This is key in the healing of the Mental layer, because we must think well, we must think correctly, and in a right way about our circumstances or the issues we have in order to heal.  

If we don't think well, we will continue to be placed in circumstances or go through experiences that attempt to teach us this lesson.

Each event in a person's life leads to the next event.  Each lesson is preceded by the exact set of experiences which prepare that person to be able to move along a continuum of learning.  When a lesson is presented and not learned, another series of experiences will take the person to an arena where they can recreate the experience at a different level.  This process will continue to be repeated until the whole person is awakened to who they really are.2  -- Ranae Johnson

Personal Power of One
Use Sharon Plaskett's Personal Power of One.  Sharon teaches a great class on this and has several processes that are very valuable, such as First Person Singular, Owning My Own, A Friendly Self-Monitoring, the Vent for Self-Empowerment and others.  It has been written especially for people who find themselves in circumstances where there is a lot of conflict.

Five Elements: A Room With a View
Sharon Plaskett also teaches a great class on the Chinese Five Elements, and she teaches you processes, including the Labyrinth to Self, that teach you both cognitively and energetically what blocks are present and how to get through them.

Healing Code
Download Alex Loyd's Truth Focus Statements here, and use them while doing the Healing Code

Essential Oils
Use Peppermint, Cedarwood, Clarity, Common Sense or Brain Power. All of these essential oils help the mind think clearly and increase focus.

If changes are going to happen on the mental layer, it is imperative that the music that one listens to is full of enlivening words.  Because music has the power to reach the subconscious mind, the words that go with the music reaches the subconscious mind also, and our subconscious mind strives to make it a reality.  Kirk Duncan says that if you listen to a song over and over, in 2-3 months you will start acting out the behavior that is described in that song.  He actually sits down with his teenage son periodically, and goes over the words to the Top Ten billboard chart songs, in order to anticipate what his trainings need to be about in the next 2-3 months.  In other words, he knows the challenges and behaviors that are going to start showing up because of what people are listening to.  So if healing needs to take place on the mental layer, the words in the music that you listen to need to be healing, positive words.

The purpose of these Mental layer tools is to train the brain to think the right way.  When we write thoughts down, we give our brain evidence of what is going on inside our head, and then it allows us to choose more objectively what direction we want to take.  

Right thinking is powerful.   

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!

If you need more guidance on how to implement these tools, you can schedule a Balance with me, and I can teach you how to more fully take advantage of these tools or work through the Processes found in Sharon Plaskett's modalities. It is wonderful to get your brain trained to think well!

1 Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, p. 71.  Read the whole chapter on Habit 1, Be Proactive, to get the full meaning of what I am explaining here.
2 Ranae Johnson, Rapid Eye Technology, p. 10.

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