Saturday, July 19, 2014

Healing on the Physical Layer

To heal on the Physical layer, consider the following:

  1. Use the Young Living oils or supplements that come up for you on the Zyto Compass Bio-Survey (see the tab at the top of this blog).  All essential oils bring oxygen and nutrition into the cells and push chemicals and toxins out of the cells.  Essential oils are very basic to healing on a physical layer (although they do so much on the other layers as well).
  2. Get proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise.  There is nothing that can replace these vital elements!  There are many that argue that good nutrition should be our "medicine", and that most of these other steps and tools are not necessary and the need for them is simply eliminated by good food.  I agree!  Unfortunately, it's easier said than done, and we live in a society where food sources are seriously compromised on every side.  Still, as we do our best to eat well, get enough sleep and exercise, many, many problems can be prevented and/or cured.
  3. Get a Foot Zone.  A Foot Zone affects blood circulation, lymph circulation, digestion, elimination, hormone balance and autonomic nerve function.  It works by sending pain signals to the brain that indicate an imbalance in that area, and the brain responds with a therapeutic signal, either through a parasympathetic response or a sympathetic response.
  4. Use Raindrop Technique.  This is a therapeutic application of 9 different essential oils to the feet and the back.  It supports the immune system, releases trapped emotion, and gets the lymph moving in the body.
  5. Vitaflex works on the peizoelectric property of the skin, which is that if you put pressure on the skin, a small charge builds up that is released when you lift the pressure.  Vitaflex is used in the Raindrop Technique, but it also has it's own unique points that can be used for specific physical healing, including hearing, hip/atlas alignment and heart and blood pressure reflex points.
  6. Touch for Health works on the meridians of the body to bring them into balance.  Specific muscles are used as "indicator" muscles to help assess where imbalances are found.
Much can be accomplished on the physical layer by applying these various techniques!

In conclusion, as you look at your own health, or that of a family member over whom you have some type of stewardship, I encourage you to look at the four layers of healing, and consider if there might be some other layer that is not being addressed for a particular ailment.  If there is, I encourage you to look into some of the suggestions I have given for addressing that ailment on that layer.  Blessings to you in your journey!

Don’t expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils and supplements. Also, each person is different so you may not get the same results that others have. If this is the case for you, try another Young Living oil or supplement that might work better for your circumstances. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned in this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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