Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Healer's Blueprint

In January I certified as a Healer's Blueprint Practitioner!
I was led to this comprehensive modality last May, when I attended the Whole Person Preparedness Conference in Boise.  There, as I was letting people know about my Lightfeet Zonig program, I met Tam Pendleton, the developer of the Healer's Blueprint.  By the end of the day, I knew this was the modality I was meant to learn.  I attended my first workshop in August, joined the Healer's Academy in September, and was Certified by January.  What a wonderful journey it has been.  I use the Blueprint almost every day, and many times multiple times a day, either with clients or with my family or friends.

Jesus Christ is the Master Physician, the Great Healer, and all healing, at every level, takes place through Him. The gospel of Jesus Christ, with its principles and ordinances performed by proper priesthood authority, provide all the necessary tools we need for healing.  But often times in mortality we feel like this:
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We find ourselves drowning, and desperately need some extra help.  This is exemplified by going to a doctor or seeing a counselor.  The Healer's Blueprint is by the far the most comprehensive tool I have found for that additional help.  It accesses deep healing on every level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Although it is not to be used for every circumstance, it can be considered as an option when making decisions about where to turn for help.  I consider it a tool for aiding in setting up the right circumstances to heal through the Light of Christ.  Sometimes we just need help figuring out how to reach up and grab the Savior's hand!

Check out Tam Pendleton's web site here.  She has a great video that explains more about the Healer's Blueprint.  I love her, and I'm so grateful to be associated with her in the wonderful work of removing blocks so people can progress and learn, and fulfill their purpose here on the earth.

I also continue to use all my other tools, including Young Living essential oils, Raindrop Technique, tuning forks, Lightfeet Zoning and the Interface Canopy.  They work to create synergy in the healing process.  Heavenly Father truly has given us so many wonderful healing tools.  God is Good!

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