Essential Rewards

If you are going to order more than 50 PV on ANY  Young Living order, I highly recommend you place it through Essential Rewards!

 What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is a program that you sign up for at the time of sign-up or on your Virtual Office on the Young Living website.  With Essential Rewards, you agree to order at least 50 PV* every month. As a reward for doing so, you get the following benefits:
  1. The first three months that you order, you get 10% back in Essential Rewards Points.  Essential Rewards points means that if you order 50 PV, you get $5 worth of credit for any YL product that has full PV.
  2. From 4-24 months that you order, you get 20% back in Essential Rewards Points.
  3. From 25 months on, you get 25% back in Essential Rewards Points!
  4. You are also eligible to order special Essential Rewards packs that are a better cost value than normal.**
  5. You get a price break on shipping.
This program is totally flexible.  I know many people have had bad experiences with auto-ship programs form other companies.  Young Living is different!
You can:
  • Cancel the program at any time by calling into Customer Service (800-371-3515) during business hours.
  • Change the day of the month you want your order to go through.
  • Change the payment type.
  • Change the products on the order.
  • Have it shipped to you or pick it up at Will-Call in Utah.
  • Have it shipped to another address.
In short, you don't get "stuck" into something you don't want to do.

The one thing you do need to be aware of is that your order will go through every month on the day specified, and if you haven't changed your products from the month before, you will get the same order.  This is the biggest problem people have with Essential Rewards - they forget about changing their order.

The bottom line is, even if you don't think you will be able to order every month, if your order is over 50 PV - always place it through Essential Rewards!  There is no penalty for signing up every month and then cancelling, so go ahead and try.  You never know when you will absolutely need 50 PV worth of products the next month, and wish you had those Essential Rewards points built up from your order the month before!

How to place an order through Essential Rewards:
You must be a member of Young Living to sign up for Essential Rewards, so if you're not already a member click on the tab at the top of this blog entitled "How do I order?". 

 If you are already a member and have not signed up for Essential Rewards, you can call Customer Care (800-371-3515) and they will step you through the process.

 FYI - All you ever wanted to know about Essential Rewards!
  •  The Essential Rewards order goes through at 11:45 pm of the date that your order is set to go through.  So if it says the 16th on the website, you have all day on the 16th to make sure it's right.
  • If you forget, and remember the next day, call Customer Service.  Your card will already be charged, but if  the order has not shipped, you can still adjust your order, and they will add to or refund your card, depending on how you change your order.  It takes YL a day or two to ship your Essential Rewards order.
  • You can skip one month out of twelve and still remain on the program.
  • If you need to cancel your Essential Rewards, make sure to use up your Reward points first.
  • If you cancel your Essential Rewards, the percentage you receive starts over at 10%.  This is a definite incentive to stay on it if you can!
  • The highest commissions with YL come with a 100 PV Essential Rewards order.  Set your intention and open yourself up to possibilities by making sure your order is 100 PV every month!
  • Your Essential Rewards Points are listed in the top right hand corner of your Virtual Office.
  • To redeem your points, click on the Essential Rewards section of the Virtual Office and then click on Reward Points.
  • On an order using your reward points, you must still pay the shipping cost (but no tax). You can also pick up this order at will-call.
  • Products where the PV doesn't match the dollar amount cannot be purchased with Essential Rewards points. These are Rose, Melissa, Diffusers, Cookware, Accessories, Manna Bars, Wolfberry Crisp Bars, Animal Scents Shampoo and marketing brochures and literature.
  • Sometimes a date will not be available online, but you can call Customer Service and most of the time they can "push" your Essential Rewards order through that day, even though it's not available online. 
  • Essential Rewards points expire on 31 December of the year following your order.  For example, for all points earned in 2018, their expiration date is 31 December, 2019.
  • You can start on Essential Rewards at the same time you order your Starter Kit.
  • You do not earn PV on an order in which you use Essential Rewards points as payment.
  • If you place an order using Essential Rewards points, it has to ship separately from any other order.
  • You have to order two months in a row for your Essential Rewards points to start being active.  In other words, you cannot place an order using your Essential Rewards points until you have ordered for two months in a row.
I love my Essential Rewards points!  They have come in handy over and over as I've had illnesses or a need to order products, and I had already used up my Young Living budget for the month.  Make room in your budget and join today.  Better yet, share Young Living with some friends and have your commission pay for your products!

* PV stands for Product Value, or Point Value, and it is what YL uses to measure rank and commission. 
**For example, the NingXia Red Essential Rewards pack gives you NingXia at $1.06 per ounce, compared to $1.14 per ounce for the cheapest way to order it without Essential Rewards.

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