How do I order?

Here is the low down on how to order Young Living Products.  Please contact me at (208) 571-7574 or if you have any questions!

Retail Customer

To order as a Retail Customer, go to  Scroll down and shop from this web site for Young Living products at full retail cost.


Member.  I highly recommend this option, because you get 24% off the retail price of the products!  There is no annual fee, and as long as you order 50 PV in a 12 month period, your membership remains active.  (PV is equal to the dollar amount on all but a half a dozen products or so.)

NOTE:  There is no obligation for monthly ordering or autoship for either of these accounts, unless you want commissions and reward points, and this can be added on at a later time if you wish.

Go to my Young Living website and choose "Become a Member".

Here you make a choice between Member and Retail Customer.


Step 1 Decide here on what kind of kit you want to start with.  Your choices are in the tabs along the top of the window.  And then you add the type of diffuser you want with your kit (if you order a Premium Starter Kit).  It's a great deal!

Step 2  Set up Your Monthly Order (optional)
Step 3 Order Additional Products if wanted

Step 4  Fill out registration and payment information, and finish order.

Welcome to Young Living!

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