How does the Zyto Compass work?

Here are two short videos that explain how the Zyto Compass works.

If you would like to purchase a Zyto Compass to use in your home, follow this link.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Zyto Compass in our home.  Somebody in our family runs on the Compass almost every day.  There are very few days where it goes unused.  To have access to this information is fantastic.  I freely acknowledge that it is simply a tool, and that muscle response testing (or applied kinesiology) can work as well, but the Compass is so quick, efficient, and thorough, that it is hard to beat.  In addition, some people just "believe" more in technology, which is OK.  I pay a monthly subscription for this, and I use it for my business, but I would still pay the monthly subscription if I was only using it for our family.  It's cheaper than the co-pay on a doctors visit, and a lot less hassle.  Highly recommended!

I am an affiliate for Zyto Compass, and do receive compensation if you follow the link above and purchase this software.

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